Power & Beauty Exhibition

Power & Beauty is a project which was launched by multistory which is a part of Mark Power’s black country stories project. It was launched back in January 2012. Photography students from Sandwell College and Walsall college took part in this project to create body of work by each student to be considered for exhibition at The New Art Gallery in Walsall. 16 lucky students were short listed with their work, 3 Images each. 8 students from each college. I am one of the runner up student from Sandwell College with my work exhibited at the Gallery. The winner and runner up student photographers won a special signed book of Mark Power’s work. In addition to that an article is also published in The Royal Photographic Society Journal in July/August Vol 152 No 6.

To read more about Mark Power’s Black Country Stories project follow the link here

Here me with Magnum photographer Mark Power with my 3 images in the background.

This exhibition is my last in west midlands linked with HND Photography. Whatever I exhibited now will be my own work until I start my specialisation in fashion photography from UCF (University College Falmouth) this september.

It has been a pleasure to work on this project. It is a good experience and honour to have our work exhibited in Internationally recognised gallery as part of Mark Power’s project.

Here me with Power & Beauty Project leader Phil Brooks for Sandwell & Walsall College

Images on exhibition in The New Art Gallery, Walsall


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