Victorian Goth

What can I say about this shoot. It was all going good for last two weeks since I saw Monika, my regular model bought this beautiful victorian gothic shirt. As soon I saw this dress I knew what type of shoot I will do with this dress. And today was the day.. But I have noticed something with me, If I plan the shoot for too long, it kind of gets messed up. For instance for this shoot I had it planned for two days after I saw this dress, but I couldn’t book my regular makeup artists, which is ok, THEY HAVE LIFE TOO YOU KNOW… ;-). Then there was a time when I found two makeup artists at the same time who were willing to do this shoot with me, but then the model got busy with things.. 😦

Now finally after two weeks, everything was about to come together, yep, something got messed up again. Night before today’s shoot, one of my old trusty Canon Speedlite, DIED.. yeah I had a proper funeral of my speedlite. I did a full autopsy expecting a miracle to bring my flash back to life… but no, its light has travelled to heaven forever. So there you go, I was panicking last night about not be able to do the shoot properly today, but in the morning I was happy to see the sun is out… yoohoo..



after 2 hours of makeup, as we went out, the weather suddenly changed. Now we were stuck indoors at my friends house. No way to shoot. I didn’t wanted this day to get wasted so we decided to go into garden during sunny intervals and take quick shots.

There were few new techniques that I wanted to try on this shoot, but due to lack of second speedlite, I shot only few frames. My first every mini shoot. But hey, it worked. am just editing the images and I got good set of images to add to my portfolio.

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