Elegant Eleanor

Images from my recent test shoot. First time shooting with lovely Eleanor. She is also student at Falmouth University studying Ba Hons Fashion Design in her 1st year. This is also my first post about my test shoots, I shall be sharing more pictures from my test shoots.

I think she is very confident in front of the camera. This test shoot was arranged on a very short notice and I think Eleanor has done really well working with me on this test shoot.

Being a professional fashion photographer it becomes part of our workflow to test shoot new models and see how they appear and perform in front of the camera. Eleanor is a fashion designer but I think she is unaware of her hidden modelling skills.  With a little bit more practice and dedication I think she can and should also get into modelling.

What are viewers opinion , please leave comments. Please keep it clean and professional.

Eleanor looking elegant
Eleanor looking strong

One thought on “Elegant Eleanor

  1. i used to go to school with Ellie (Leigh Marshall) and she has always looked lovely. Its nice to see her making the most of her lovely long hair and I think she would make a fab model 🙂 keep looking stunning hun!!!!

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