The Tempest

While gathering my research I was given a leaflet to go and watch shakespeare’s play at The Poly in Falmouth. I photographed also photographed the girl who gave me the leaflet for the play. I also asked her if she could model for my project and she replied she is model and she is also performing in the play. Now this was the best opportunity to go and see how this girl is with her stage skills.

20140524_171012_Rue Nationale

If anyone who has seen this play by Shakespeare knows that this play starts with a bang… full on powerful performance. I was straight away taken away with the fact that the girl who gave me the leaflet is one of the lead characters in the play. She definitely performed very well. And the main thing which struck me right from the beginning that she looks like Helena Bonham Carter.

Victoria May is her name. She performs really well on the stage. She is definitely my first choice for my gothic fashion project. She definitely has got the looks and acting skills.

Victoria May’s facebook fanpage.



The original

Helena Bonham Carter

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