Street Photography film IN-SIGHT

In photography, the most difficult style of photography I find it Street Photography. I find it really hard to take pictures of complete strangers without getting noticed by them. Maybe partially because I have visually massive looking Camera (Canon 70D) and people with smaller compact cameras or mobile phone cameras get away with taking pictures even where its not allowed.

So to overcome my fear of taking pictures of people on the streets I have to start taking pictures on the streets, right?   well I guess yes. But to start doing that I think I need to understand how the street photographers think and mingle in the public and get amazing pictures.

It was good timing I guess I found out about Street Photographer Nick Turpin’s film going to be shown at SIX EIGHT KAFE in Birmingham, and today was the day I went to watch the film and share our thoughts with fellow Birmingham photographers from different genres.


I found this film IN-SIGHT very helpful. In this film there are selection of photographers from different parts of world talking about their street photography and how they started, what they look for and how the take the pictures.

To find out more about Nick Turpin and his film, click the following link

Mr Herbert Walters and Myself at Six Eight Kafe before the film
Mr Herbert Walters and Myself at Six Eight Kafe before the film


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