Inland Art Festival – Redruth

My recent visit to Redruth to film a live contemporary art performance by talented artists. The performance was part of art festival ‘INLAND’, a Arts council of England supported project to bring diverse communities together. It showcased internationally acclaimed and emerging regional art.

My brief visit was with group of friends to cover the event with still photography and video documentary.

The performance by different artists was open, it was self expression of private moments in a public place. Expressing your feelings and emotions that one normally does not share in the public is a challenging act in present society which begins with a brave thought. To perform something random to convey a thought provoking message takes extensive mind training to keep the spark alive. These performers kept the spark alive by creating this environment which intimidated others to join in and express themselves the way they wanted.

Such performances sometime needs little observation to understand the concept. I personally enjoyed in a sense that I felt part of this performance by filming and photographing the amazing artists.

NOTE: A short film of the performance will be uploaded soon on Vimeo channel.

_MG_1571 _MG_1569 _MG_1568 _MG_1566 _MG_1561 _MG_1554 _MG_1549 _MG_1368 _MG_1363 _MG_1533 _MG_1530 _MG_1527 _MG_1526

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