Architecting Lifestyle

This project is start of my final year at Falmouth University. I decided to continue on my favourite subject of Gothic Architecture and Fashion, so I chose to show the influence of gothic architecture on regional fashion.

Understanding Gothic architecture

Now to understand gothic architecture, we got to understand the influences it has had from other culture and other parts of the world through time and to do that we have to go back in time and understand how one culture’s traditions and lifestyle get transferred to another region. There must be a way of this happening. And in present time I can give best analogy of is fashion and technology which is Material.

As we know the fashion and architectural designers take their influences from their very surroundings and inspire each other very strongly. The very elements that an artist/designer uses in their designs or art is not limited to the region it is produced or designed. That very design will inspire many others around the globe, if the design has very strong functional capabilities and is reliable. Gothic architecture is one of seminal designs which was adopted widely in differents parts of the world. It has very strong influences from other parts and cultures from around the world through time. As we study history we know that how the mass migrations affected tribes to be displaced from east to west. Hence through-out time the gothic architecture developed taking influences and inspirations from other architects from other regions.

Project Proposal

We can easily say the Gothic architecture is a subtle blend of romanesque and arab architecture. My project is about showing the very elements that are present in Gothic architecture and fashion, which are native traditions of Arabs and African cultures which are blended in gothic. In this project I will focus on showing the fashion which are inspired by gothic elements in some capacity. Architecting lifestyle is defining the concept that every lifestyle is engineered in some capacity through materials that we use in the shape of fashion or technology and the through structure in the shape of architecture that we live in or around it. It has very profound effect on everyone’s thinking.  The Architected Lifestyle presented in subliminal Gothic influence.

Visual Exploration

There are many ways of exploring this topic visually, I have been working on this idea for nearly 5 years now since I started photography as my education and change of career.

Gothic has always fascinated me somehow. I could not figure out why and how Gothic is something I got interested in when my birth place is middle-east and I did not notice gothic culture in the middle east as it is in the britain. For many months after many criticisms against my interest in this topic I have come to understand how and why I could have got interested in Gothic.

As I was born in the Middle-East in 70’s, I research and explored the culture and style in that time in the region. And I was beginning to see how it has left a subliminal influence in my brain which was dormant until I started understanding photography in a conceptual way.

Subliminal presentation 

Now I am taking my understanding so far of Gothic and going to explore ways of presenting it in a very different way as opposed to what gothic is known now, which is not very pretty and mostly is associated with fantasy world.

I will show through my images, the elements, the factors that make gothic a very beautiful and artistic way of presenting something. In this case it will be fashion and architecture inspired by gothic styling.

Test Shoot

For this project I contacted my trusty makeup artist in my hometown and discussed the project with her. She agreed to work on this project with me. I was lucky to get a location at a newly renovated house which went on sale. The high price tagged house was a perfect place to shoot this, as there was not much clutter of furniture and decorative ornaments. It was simple, very clinical futuristic house. I looked around the house to see where I will take some images while the makeup artist was getting the model ready.

I used both makeup artist as my second model and my main model to test out different spots in the house to see what works best for this idea. How can i best show architecture designs and fashion together keeping the balance in the image composition.

Using radiator pipes in the background as part of the structure.
Using radiator pipes in the background as part of the structure.
Using both models in the same shot showing part of the staircase.
Using both models in the same shot showing part of the staircase.
Sitting on the stairs
Sitting on the stairs
wood door as background
wood door as background
Door entrance shot,
Door entrance shot,
Garage gate using as background.
Garage gate using as background.
Staircase in the background  as an architecture structure
Staircase in the background as an architecture structure

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