Asian Designer-wear Collection

Recently I got involved in a project to produce range of images for their new catalogue showcasing their one-off designs. The local boutique selling high end designer clothings for asian market in the Midlands region and beyond, have their designs made on order, all their designs are hand made to highest quality. It is a collaborative project between photographer (myself), makeup artist, designer and stylists to present their designs in the best possible way. I have had few photoshoots already done and some images I have edited so far are looking promising.

These shoots will end up in three different portfolios with variance in crop and edit to suit the required portfolio for photographer, makeup artist and the designers.

Designer’s Portfolio

The designer will most likely want to show 3 different shots each of the garment from different angles and crops. Close-ups will only work for designer’s portfolio if they have special patterns they want to show to compliment the dress.

Makeup Artist’s Portfolio

Makeup artist can show full to mid length images if they want to show the complimenting makeup that goes with the dress. Mostly the images will be cropped to close-ups to show the makeup quality and clarity. For this to work nicely in favour for the makeup artist, the makeup has to be tip top condition and every detail will be noticed in close-up makeup portfolio as it is the nature of makeup portfolios.

Photographer’s Portfolio

For the photographer (myself), I can mix and choose complimenting images to create my own portfolio. Or I can create two different portfolios from the above mentioned portfolios to add to my work. This will also show my approach of creating two different portfolios. Designer who want to show more of the clothings but also show the beautiful complimenting makeup and Makeup artist who want to capture their clients imaginations with the beautiful makeup and hair styles.

IMG_0086 2-Edit

This image can be used by both the makeup artist and the desginer to show their work. The makeup and garments are showing beautifully from two angles in one image.


A full length image of a designer garment showing the full design. For designer’s portfolio I can crop another image from the same set of shots to show more of the fabric from close-up.


One of the my favourite shots from this shoot. Elegant pose, beautiful makeup and brilliant regal evening dress for parties. This image can be showed both portfolios.


Another great garment, shown in sitting pose. Again this image can also be used for both makeup artist to show her work and the designer’s portfolio to show the beautiful design using vibrance of the pink’ish and the subtle royal blue’ish colors.


Another great traditional evening/wedding wear garment. This image is surely for the designer’s portfolio.

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