Imagine seeing images of Shorediitch in 50 years time, some of us may not be even around, who knows, but the point is when we see images of the past, especially the ones where we have been and taken the images ourselves, it gives more nostalgic excitement to the person who experienced those moments of reality and have captured them. These frozen moments of reality shows the view point of a person who observed the surroundings.

In this case I observed the vibrant urban streets of Shoreditch, style is everywhere. Technology plays main role in the fashion industry and this is one of the phenomenas of our times, electronic gadgets have become part of our daily lives. Headphones, mobiles, cameras, fancy bikes, luxury cars, public transports, every where we see there is wave of fashion. Everyone is happy to express their own eclectic way of style. From simple briefs and shorts to elegant & bohemian to executives, all are happy and appreciate each other to such such vibrant culture of fashion in the area of City of London. But imagine, how it will be seen or perceived in 50 to 100 years time? I observed this in just few hours standing outside Hoxton Gallery.

Street Fashion

_MG_8158 _MG_8176 _MG_8170 _MG_8167



_MG_8138 _MG_8096 _MG_8090

The busy fashion lifestyle of audio world.

_MG_8166 _MG_8165_MG_8075



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