Photobook Review

As a photographer I always keep looking for good quality photobooks offered by various respectable specialists. Recently I had opportunity to get my latest art work printed by Saal Digital (

There photobooks they offer are good quality. I am very pleased with the results from the photobook that I ordered.

I ordered from their great selection, Layflat Photobook of size 28x28cm with their in-house downloadable application, “Saal Design Software”. A very easy to use book designing software, anyone can use for the first time, makes the designing process and ordering very simple. It gives great options, customisable features which can be used manually or you can choose to create the book with their automated book creating feature which fills up the book with your selection of images.

My first order with them was of my first photobook with images of artistic style, so I ordered with the intention of testing, but when I received the book I was very happy with the first attempt, I mostly chose to print selection of dark images to see how their paper will handle the darks and lights with some colour images. I can say I am overall very satisfied with the results and highly recommend Saal Digital and their photobook product to anyone who wants great looking photobooks.

Another great thing which I noticed was is I placed my order on Saturday night and the book was dispatched on Monday morning and I received my order by Wednesday in UK via DHL. That is relatively very quick production time.

Photobook arrived very well packaged
Layflat Photobook
26 Page thick
Thick paper used which produces great results on both sides of the page
Layflat, no gap
Great black & white print
small barcode on the corner


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