Garden Party

A twist of my own story added to the shoot I did for a Fashion Styling student Sayli, studying Masters at Birmingham City University. The shoot is part of Final project for the university. I really liked the setup and styling that I added my own storyline to the editorial style images I shot in the Garden of the house, somewhere in Witton area in Birmingham.


The story is about two friends Ana & Marta who invite another friend, Valda to their garden party. The speciality of the party is the special cupcakes that they have prepared. These are magic cupcakes. The two friends are envious of their friends beauty and they want to put spell on Valda.

Concept and Styling : Sayli

Makeup by: Jagoda Radczak

Garden Party
Ana & Marta
Marta admiring in the mirror
Marta looking elegant
Ana and Marta showing the magic mirror to Valda to tempt her to eat the magic cupcakes
Valda is looking tempted
Ana offering the cupcake to Valda
Valda cautiously takes the cake
Convincing friendly push to temptation
Ana whipering to Marta about the effect of the magic cupcakes
Valda, Ana & Marta at Garden party

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