The Camera Shy Journalist

The Shy Journalist, why did I call it “Shy” , Over the gone weekend I happened to be behind the scenes at Leicester Fashion Week 2018, having mini pop-up fashion portraits photoshoot with different members of the team involved in the preparations of the show. This was great opportunity for me to meet with new faces in the fashion industry.

Its a different feeling to be behind the scenes as a photographer having freedom to experiment with our own style of photography. On this occasion I was able to do exactly that, I managed to get my minimal setup at the venue with tethering capability. It must have took me 15 minutes in total do put my setup together and start photographing.

As I happened to be photographing everyone randomly I noticed a pretty face standing by near me, I presumed she was a model waiting to be directed by the runway manager for the show rehearsal. Her name. Sophie Sandberg. It turns out she is a Fashion & Lifestyle Journalist covering the event. Sophie’s blog (

I immediately wanted to photograph this young lady, but Sophie was a hesitant at first and then the magic of the camera happened. The Camera Shy Journalist, gave some great results in front of the camera and I tried to capture her personality with my camera. Sophie appreciated my style of photography and that she went on writing about my work on her blog which I am very thankful to how she viewed my style of photography at the event.

You can read Sophie’s article at

Fashion/Beauty Portrait – Sophie Sandberg 


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