Vogue Italia Publication

This image is photographed at Leicester Fashion Festival 2018 at Mercure Leicester – The Grand Hotel on 4th November 2018 at behind the stage rooms. This is my second opportunity in many to come, that I was allowed to access the rooms where the whole back stage team is usually heads down busy to get the elements ready for the show to start and end on time.

On this occasion I decided to approach this fashion show photographs differently, I decided to setup a small corner with 1 light setup on a C-stand, tether up my camera to macbook pro and photograph who ever is interested to get photographed. The main ideas was to photograph the models as they are getting ready,  to capture different take on behind the scenes imagery.

Most of my time spent at the venue, photographing the team in the back stage rooms with some amazing results and responses from the people involved in the back stage including, models, designers, stylists, makeup artists etc. This greatly helped with the use of tethered laptop so the results were viewable live by everyone which made an impact and encouraged more models to come and get photographed.

This image is one from them photographs that I shot when the model, Miljana Beric (@miljanaberic) got ready in the designer outfit designed by Linda Rose Harbour (@lindaroseharbour).


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